First Reflections and Setting Sail

It’s been my first week of funemployment, but I’m still undecided if this is still a sabbatical or rather an early-retirement phase I’m taking. I’ve been having a lot of fun despite being only six days in.

Not much as changed - I still start my day early, be at my desk by eight and back in bed an hour before midnight. Rinse and repeat.

I’ve been dialing back on finance and digital currencies this week to focus on the fundamentals to help me distill signal from noise by market pundits. I came across a lecture series taught by the chairman of the US SEC, Gary Gensler, himself and that sent me down a rabbit hole of reading the bitcoin whitepaper, line-by-line, and the original HashCash by cyherpunk Adam Back. I’ve collected the rest of the artifact’s from this week’s sprint here this week’s reading.

I’ll aim to put together a more proper summary or changelog at the conclusion of each.

Moving forward, I’m looking to improve myself in writing and speaking more cohesively, especially for work.
A culmination of (self-diagnosed) ADHD, varying interests in the age of information and history of stop-drop-and-roll work culture as made it challenging to put together a more focused, substantial body of work.

Aside from that, life is as usual. With less social exchanges and distractions, I’m looking forward to reinvesting that extroverted energy into valuable tasks like volunteering and side-projects. More on the KIND project later.